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Depending on the sector our clients are in, their applications are often subject to many industry-specific challenges or legal restrictions. Our business development managers are well-prepared for this. They possess specialised training and can draw on a vast knowledge base in the relevant plastics processing sectors.

However, we don’t just use our knowledge of the challenges facing particular markets only when called upon to do so. Based on verifiable socially or politically initiated trends, we actively drive forward the development of technical plastics. Our know-how ranges from weight-saving in automobile manufacturing, to innovative food packaging solutions, medicine and pharmaceutical applications, through to material selection in the electrical and electronics industry.


Lightweight construction is one of the fundamental elements to meeting EU emissions standards. Here we are driving inter-polymer competition and metal substitution with high-tech plastics and innovative product solutions based on TPE, PP, PA and PPS. This allows us to create new opportunuties for weight reduction for the automotive industry.


Our packaging specialists know the challenges you face in this market, and with a vast polymer, additive and colour portfolio, they also have the solutions at hand. Active-packaging applications, for example, use the SHELFPLUS® O2 oxygen scavenger, and where sustainable packaging concepts are required, we offer our GREEN SELECTION.


With a comprehensive portfolio of leading plastics brands, we are your ideal point of reference for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Our specialists can support you from product selection through to a customised solution using their in-depth industry know-how and experience in highly sensitive applications.

E & E

Our “ALCOM Lighting” product portfolio, used predominantly in the automotive industry, is the result of years of development combined with the highest applications expertise. As of now, we are applying our advanced know-how in ”Light Diffusion”, “Light Guiding” and “Light Blocking” technologies in industry, construction and electrical appliances.