Codeof Conduct

The standards of our actions are bindingly summarized in our Code of Conduct. These guidelines describe the values and principles of the OTTO KRAHN Group and support our employees at all locations and in all corporate units in applying them in their daily work.


The guidelines in this Code of Conduct describe the characteristics that characterise us as a company and are our guiding principles in working life.
Compliance with these guidelines is of great importance for the success of OTTO
KRAHN Group; they are an important aspect of what defines us.


Our Code of Conduct consists of the Basic Principles with the principles and values as well as additional modules with compliance-related topics, which are explained in more detail due to their complexity. These modules should be seen as part of the Code of Conduct and in the context of the Basic Principles, but can also be read separately.


Basic Principles OTTO KRAHN Group Download
Module Anti-Corruption Download
Module Cartel Law Download
Module Data Protection Download
Module Environment Download
Module Taxes Download
Module People Download