Help shape the future of our company

Lay the foundation for your professional career with us. As a curious, open-minded learner, we always offer you the opportunity to take a qualified apprenticeship as of August 1st. During your time with us, you will get to know the various areas of ALBIS and can actively participate from the beginning. After your successful completion we offer you the prospect of a takeover. We like to train the experts we need ourselves.

Formal trainings

Wholesale and foreign trade manager (Subject area foreign trade)

During your three-year apprenticeship, you will get to know all commercial business processes from the purchase and sale of the goods through services to logistics. In addition, you will gain insights into other business areas. For a five-week assignment in one of our sales offices or a European subsidiary, you also gain valuable experience. We support your professional development with training on the subject of presentation techniques and English courses during working hours. In addition, you are responsible for the organization and implementation of Girls' / Boys' Day and participate in job and trade fairs.

IT specialist (Subject area system integration)

During your three-year period of training, you will learn how to implement specific requirements in complex hardware and software systems. As part of our administrator team, you will acquire extensive knowledge in the areas of system administration and network architecture. Already during your training independent processing of projects. As a supplement to the bilingual vocational school training, we also support you with an additional English working during your working hours.

Industrial mechanic (Subject area maintenance)

Within three and a half years of training, you gain the ability to manufacture and assemble components and assemblies, repair technical systems, upgrade machinery and systems, and perform maintenance and inspection. In addition, you are concerned with the error and cause analysis and make simple container and pipeline constructions. You are already working on your own projects during your training. The family atmosphere in our locksmith shop makes it easy for you to integrate.

Machine and systems operator

During your two-year apprenticeship as a machine and system operator, you will get to know all the important tasks on the machines in our production - from mixing and extruding to the weighing and packaging of the finished products up to the cleaning of the equipment. This includes the planning and preparation of workflows as well as the employment with control and regulation techniques. You will also get insights into our laboratory, our development department and our warehouse.

Warehouse operator

During your two-year course of training, you will become familiar with all important tasks surrounding our warehouse. You will be responsible for, among other things, the acceptance, storage, assembly, packaging, and shipping of goods, the testing of shipping documents and the inspection of the goods. The inventory audit and material care with an EDP-supported warehouse administration system are among your activities. Because more than 90 percent of our products are conveyed with the most modern forklifts, you will acquire your forklift license. With good vocational school grades, we offer you the possibility to graduate as a specialist for warehouse logistics with a third training year.

Pupils, students, graduates

Would you like to put your theoretical knowledge into practice?

As a graduate, trainee or intern, you will be able to gain first professional experience at ALBIS and actively participate in the company. Regardless of your position, you always work on real projects and are part of a dedicated team. Your services flow into the business and you learn how to deal with the daily requirements of a company. In doing so, it is self-evident for us to provide you with constructive support and to assist you in your development.


After completing your studies, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your skills and knowledge on the job as part of a direct course. You will be used internationally in various fields and will get to know ALBIS from A to Z.

Working students and interns

As a student of a University or a University of Applied Sciences you can work with us as a student or intern to learn about the challenges of the company's everyday life and to gain practical experience in your department. As an interested student, you can also get information about the various professional images during an internship and experience the workplace of an international company at first hand.

Bachelor and Master's theses

Are you interested in your Bachelor Degree or Master Thesis for ALBIS? Your ideas are always welcome. We offer you a wide range of opportunities to work out a practical topic. During the entire period, you are actively supported and assisted by experienced employees.

Svea Peters


Svea Peters

HR Management Apprenticeship & Marketing


Vacancies for Young Professionals

Currently there are no vacancies available in this department.


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