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17.06.2019   08:06

Thread in Motion and ALBIS PLASTIC optimize smart glove

ALBIS PLASTIC and Thread In Motion (TIM) collaborated to improve TIM´s smart glove with the use of ALCOM® LD.

ALCOM® LD products ensure homogeneous and efficient light distribution by avoiding annoying hot spots. Customized color variations, light diffusion, transmission levels and high resistance to climatic changes are also possible. Therefore ALCOM® LD allows a clear view of the status LEDs in the display area.

Workers put on this smart glove with an integrated scanner when they start their work. Subsequently they only need to move their arm close to the target product, enabling them to work faster, safer and in a more ergonomically way. As a result, workers have both hands free and do not have to interrupt their work flow. Main reasons of choosing ALCOM® LD were

• Homogeneous, virtually loss-free light scattering

• Excellent luminous efficiency

• Avoids hot spots

• Sharp contours for illuminated symbols, irrespective of viewing angle

• UL listed (UL94 V2 @ 0,75 mm)

• Corporate color/individual color match variations

Kadir Demircioğlu, cofounder at TIM, said: “Last year, we launched the first version of the smart glove made of standard PC but we soon had to deal with several problems concerning the display area and functionality. Thanks to technical support from ALBIS we were able to make an integrated design, which reduced the number of plastics parts from 6 to only 3 and thus increased our production speed and to combine light diffusion with black colored housing. Our product portfolio consists of wearable products, IOT device and TIM 40 software. IWO is our first wearable product integrating 15 sensors, haptic feedback mechanism (light, vibration, voice), interactivity and ergonomy. Therefore it is providing enhanced productivity, tracebility and quality assurance benefits.’’

Kağan Verçin, Area Sales Manager at ALBIS, commented: “After analysing the product we soon realized that ALCOM® LD would be the perfect fit thanks to its excellent light diffusing making sure that workers can see the signals from the internally fitted LEDs and enhancing it´s robustness in demanding environments.”

TIM developes customized intelligent gloves to meet the needs of leading brand manufacturers in sectors such as automotive, appliance, aerospace, for example Mercedes-Benz, BSH, Briston Lassa, Renault, Fiat, Turkish Air lines and Ikea.


Kağan Verçin

Area Sales Manager