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26.04.2019   13:04

Industry 4.0 at ALBIS

What is happening at ALBIS PLASTIC with regard to Industry 4.0? Matthias Schulz, Team Leader Digital Business, explains it in this blog post.

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26.03.2019   09:03

ALBIS is a member of the regional REGINEE network of companies

26,127,943 kilowatt hours of electricity and 9,541 metric tons of CO2: That's how much REGINEE Hamburg – the regional network for energy efficiency – wants to save by 2021. As a comparison: To compensate for this amount of CO2, you would have to plant 190,820 trees.

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20.12.2018   15:12

We are celebrating 30 years of ALBIS in Scandinavia!

It was 1988 when ALBIS first set foot in Scandinavia. More precisely, we opened up our office in Gothenborg back then

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28.11.2018   15:11

ALBIS - working at the heart of improving patient safety

Many of you may remember the Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) silicone implant scandal in 2010 where the producer used potentially carcinogenic industrial quality silcone, rather than medical quality for implants and up to 500,000 women who had received PIP implants might have been affected.