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23.06.2020   13:06

“Globalization is good, but we need to be more careful with people and planet”

The FAST Automotive Group, an alliance and community of European highly specialized automotive suppliers, developed and produced face shields on a non-profit basis, which are now being used in hospitals, doctors' practices and schools. Read more about the exciting project in this interview with FAST CEO Luc van Neer.

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24.07.2019   11:07

100 days interview with ALBIS CFO Dr. Jan Lösch: "Long-term business orientation is not always a given"

Dr. Jan Lösch has been Chief Financial Officer since April 2019. In this interview he looks back on his first 100 days at ALBIS.

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26.04.2019   13:04

Industry 4.0 at ALBIS

What is happening at ALBIS PLASTIC with regard to Industry 4.0? Matthias Schulz, Team Leader Digital Business, explains it in this blog post.

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26.03.2019   09:03

ALBIS is a member of the regional REGINEE network of companies

26,127,943 kilowatt hours of electricity and 9,541 metric tons of CO2: That's how much REGINEE Hamburg – the regional network for energy efficiency – wants to save by 2021. As a comparison: To compensate for this amount of CO2, you would have to plant 190,820 trees.