# People@ALBIS

06.08.2019   12:08

"People@ALBIS" series: What does an industrial mechanic actually do?

In the end Michael Semke did actually need to worry about the apprentice position that he'd thought was secure. Everything had started out so well...

# Company

24.07.2019   11:07

100 days interview with ALBIS CFO Dr. Jan Lösch: "Long-term business orientation is not always a given"

Dr. Jan Lösch has been Chief Financial Officer since April 2019. In this interview he looks back on his first 100 days at ALBIS.

# People@ALBIS

10.05.2019   09:05

“People @ ALBIS” series: What does a Regional Product Coordinator do?

Narja Mügge is often asked about her unusual name. Narja is Nordic and means "little sister".

# People@ALBIS

14.01.2019   15:01

“People @ ALBIS” series: What does a Head of Laboratory do?

What do the Lord of the Rings and an ALBIS Head of Laboratory Hamburg have in common? Quite a bit, as far as Marco Philip Schürings is concerned: without Gandalf, Frodo, and the rest of the Tolkien gang, he’d never have ended up at ALBIS.