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28.01.2019   15:01

Bosch: ALCOM® LB supporting the convenience of One-Touch-Function for coffee preparation

BSH Home Appliances, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in this industry worldwide, is using ALCOM® LB Light Blocking for the housing of the user interface of its fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine series BOSCH Verocup.

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24.08.2018   14:08

PA6 & 66 ECO – Near to Prime Performance + less CO2 Emissions compared to Prime Material

In a study, the SKZ calculated with recycled ALTECH ECO® PA6 / PA66 a saving of approx. 11 kg CO2e (CO2Emission) per kg PA6 / PA6.6 in comparison to a prime nylon product.

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10.08.2018   15:08

TPE forum: ALBIS promotes market relevance of TPE

Although thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are used in a variety of applications, not everyone is aware of the full range of properties the material offers. This was the impetus behind the 2016 creation of the "TPE Forum", a new special-interest group.

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19.07.2018   15:07

VDI 2017 Medical Grade Plastics Guideline

This is the situation: Nothing is more frustrating for processors of plastic products than a versatile material that they have been using for a long time, suddenly being discontinued with very little warning. Or even worse, the material used in an item that is well established in the market, starting to receive user inquiries or complaints.