# Company

23.06.2020   13:06

“Globalization is good, but we need to be more careful with people and planet”

The FAST Automotive Group, an alliance and community of European highly specialized automotive suppliers, developed and produced face shields on a non-profit basis, which are now being used in hospitals, doctors' practices and schools. Read more about the exciting project in this interview with FAST CEO Luc van Neer.

# Products

12.03.2020   10:03

NEW ALFATER XL® GRADES with reduced emissions, fogging, and odour for technical automotive applications

Modern plastics often need to uphold extremely stringent standards. The demand for emissions- and odour-neutral compounds for technical applications, such as for the automotive industry, is continually growing.

# Products

03.01.2020   13:01

TEDUR® – perfect for the automotive sector

TEDUR® compounds are based on the high-performance plastic polyphenylene sulfide (PPS); their excellent material qualities mean that there are many application possibilities in automotive. A low thermal expansion coefficient that is comparable to aluminum as well as high rigidity mean that TEDUR® is highly suitable as a replacement for metal.

# Shows & Events

25.11.2019   13:11

„Lange Nacht der Industrie“ (Long Night of the Industry) on 14.11.2019

This year ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH took part in the event “Lange Nacht der Industrie” (Long Night of Industry) for the 12th time. This year 85 visitors took part in the tour through the headquarter at Mühlenhagen in Hamburg.