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23.06.2020   13:06

“Globalization is good, but we need to be more careful with people and planet”

The FAST Automotive Group, an alliance and community of European highly specialized automotive suppliers, developed and produced face shields on a non-profit basis, which are now being used in hospitals, doctors' practices and schools. Read more about the exciting project in this interview with FAST CEO Luc van Neer.

# Products

12.03.2020   10:03

NEW ALFATER XL® GRADES with reduced emissions, fogging, and odour for technical automotive applications

Modern plastics often need to uphold extremely stringent standards. The demand for emissions- and odour-neutral compounds for technical applications, such as for the automotive industry, is continually growing.

# Products

03.01.2020   13:01

TEDUR® – perfect for the automotive sector

TEDUR® compounds are based on the high-performance plastic polyphenylene sulfide (PPS); their excellent material qualities mean that there are many application possibilities in automotive. A low thermal expansion coefficient that is comparable to aluminum as well as high rigidity mean that TEDUR® is highly suitable as a replacement for metal.

# Shows & Events

25.11.2019   13:11

„Lange Nacht der Industrie“ (Long Night of the Industry) on 14.11.2019

This year ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH took part in the event “Lange Nacht der Industrie” (Long Night of Industry) for the 12th time. This year 85 visitors took part in the tour through the headquarter at Mühlenhagen in Hamburg.

30.10.2019   15:10

ALBIS Healthcare Lounge 2019: discussions and insights on Trends in the healthcare sector

More than 50 participants either from companies already working in the healthcare sector or just being interested in stepping in this market area have followed our invitation for the 5th ALBIS Healthcare Lounge in Düsseldorf.

# Products

11.10.2019   08:10

Zero failure rate, significant system cost reduction

Modern design, chemical resistance and efficiency – these factors are also important when putting together dishwashers. MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Offenburg) was successfully supported by ALBIS PLASTIC (Hamburg).

# Products

20.08.2019   11:08

ALBIS brings light into the darkness

Everything from a single source: Product Specialist Dr. Stefan Zepnik uses an LED multibeam headlamp from the automotive supplier Hella to show how ALBIS has the right solutions available for all components of an application.

# Products

14.08.2019   09:08

Medical Grade Plastics and the VDI – Guidelines 2017

For the first time, these guidelines define the term "medical grade" and then give advice to both material manufacturers and processors on the requirements and expectations of plastics for use in medical products, pharmaceutical packaging and in-vitro diagnostics.

# People@ALBIS

06.08.2019   12:08

"People@ALBIS" series: What does an industrial mechanic actually do?

In the end Michael Semke did actually need to worry about the apprentice position that he'd thought was secure. Everything had started out so well...

# Company

24.07.2019   11:07

100 days interview with ALBIS CFO Dr. Jan Lösch: "Long-term business orientation is not always a given"

Dr. Jan Lösch has been Chief Financial Officer since April 2019. In this interview he looks back on his first 100 days at ALBIS.

# Shows & Events

11.07.2019   09:07

The OTTO KRAHN Team is again at the start for a good cause

On 22nd June 2019 at 10:38 a.m. precisely the OTTO KRAHN team heard the starting pistol for the 14th year at the Hamburg Commercial Bank Run, the former HSH Nordbank Run.

# Products

17.06.2019   08:06

Thread in Motion and ALBIS PLASTIC optimize smart glove

ALBIS PLASTIC and Thread In Motion (TIM) collaborated to improve TIM´s smart glove with the use of ALCOM® LD.

# Shows & Events

03.06.2019   09:06

Chinaplas 2019

Chinaplas, the largest Asian trade fair for plastics processing, has just come to an end in Guangzhou. More than 160,000 visitors flocked to the event grounds at the Canton Fair Complex Pier this year.

29.05.2019   12:05

Strategy update

ALBIS is planning a reorganization at group level. The previous functional group structure, divided into seven business units, will be transformed into a divisional, business field-oriented group structure.

# Shows & Events

14.05.2019   09:05

PRSE 2019: Increasing demand for recycled plastics

“This is a message to investors that they are investing in a growing market and the Commission will do anything it takes to make sure that they are rewarded for their efforts”. With these words EU Commissioner Kestutis Sadauskas opened the PRSE 2019 in Amsterdam. Click here to read more about trends and materials which were discussed at the show.

# People@ALBIS

10.05.2019   09:05

“People @ ALBIS” series: What does a Regional Product Coordinator do?

Narja Mügge is often asked about her unusual name. Narja is Nordic and means "little sister".

# Company

26.04.2019   13:04

Industry 4.0 at ALBIS

What is happening at ALBIS PLASTIC with regard to Industry 4.0? Matthias Schulz, Team Leader Digital Business, explains it in this blog post.

# Company

26.03.2019   09:03

ALBIS is a member of the regional REGINEE network of companies

26,127,943 kilowatt hours of electricity and 9,541 metric tons of CO2: That's how much REGINEE Hamburg – the regional network for energy efficiency – wants to save by 2021. As a comparison: To compensate for this amount of CO2, you would have to plant 190,820 trees.

# Products

28.01.2019   15:01

Bosch: ALCOM® LB supporting the convenience of One-Touch-Function for coffee preparation

BSH Home Appliances, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in this industry worldwide, is using ALCOM® LB Light Blocking for the housing of the user interface of its fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine series BOSCH Verocup.

# People@ALBIS

14.01.2019   15:01

“People @ ALBIS” series: What does a Head of Laboratory do?

What do the Lord of the Rings and an ALBIS Head of Laboratory Hamburg have in common? Quite a bit, as far as Marco Philip Schürings is concerned: without Gandalf, Frodo, and the rest of the Tolkien gang, he’d never have ended up at ALBIS.

# Company

20.12.2018   15:12

We are celebrating 30 years of ALBIS in Scandinavia!

It was 1988 when ALBIS first set foot in Scandinavia. More precisely, we opened up our office in Gothenborg back then

# Company

28.11.2018   15:11

ALBIS - working at the heart of improving patient safety

Many of you may remember the Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) silicone implant scandal in 2010 where the producer used potentially carcinogenic industrial quality silcone, rather than medical quality for implants and up to 500,000 women who had received PIP implants might have been affected.

# Shows & Events

16.11.2018   15:11

Long Night of Industry at ALBIS

On November 8th, 2018 ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH participated in the event “Long Night of Industry” in Hamburg for the 11th time in a row.

02.11.2018   15:11

ALBIS Healthcare goes Italy

Although ALBIS PLASTIC has been in the international plastics distribution and compounding business for more than 50 years, Italy remained uncharted territory for a long time. On July 1, 2016, they finally bridged that gap when ALBIS PLASTIC Italia S.r.l. opened its doors in Gallarate, Lombardy, as the most recent addition to the ALBIS family of subsidiaries

# Company

29.10.2018   15:10

ALBIS in Asia: capacity significantly expanded

Asia is one of the largest growing markets in the world, including the plastics sector. Five years after launching the first extrusion line, we now have tripled our production capacity in China to around 36,000 tons nominal capacity.

# People@ALBIS

26.09.2018   14:09

Shortage of skilled labor: How companies find qualified employees

Everyone is talking and writing about the shortage of skilled labor. This is allegedly particularly shaking medium-sized companies who are at a disadvantage compared to corporate groups when it comes to the so-called "war for talent". Is that the case? Which strategies need those companies to apply? A professional article by Udo Knak, Head of Human Resources of the ALBIS PLASTIC Group.

# Products

24.08.2018   14:08

PA6 & 66 ECO – Near to Prime Performance + less CO2 Emissions compared to Prime Material

In a study, the SKZ calculated with recycled ALTECH ECO® PA6 / PA66 a saving of approx. 11 kg CO2e (CO2Emission) per kg PA6 / PA6.6 in comparison to a prime nylon product.

# Products

10.08.2018   15:08

TPE forum: ALBIS promotes market relevance of TPE

Although thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are used in a variety of applications, not everyone is aware of the full range of properties the material offers. This was the impetus behind the 2016 creation of the "TPE Forum", a new special-interest group.

# Company

27.07.2018   15:07

WIPAG - New member of the ALBIS group

With the recent acquisition of WIPAG, ALBIS has further strengthened its position as a supplier of innovative technical compounds based on recycled ingredients. In the case of WIPAG products, recycled carbon fibre is deployed to achieve highly competitive lightweight solutions.

# Products

19.07.2018   15:07

VDI 2017 Medical Grade Plastics Guideline

This is the situation: Nothing is more frustrating for processors of plastic products than a versatile material that they have been using for a long time, suddenly being discontinued with very little warning. Or even worse, the material used in an item that is well established in the market, starting to receive user inquiries or complaints.

# Products

06.07.2018   15:07

Potential Solutions to the PA 6.6 Supply Shortage

As the plastics industry finds itself in the grip of a serious PA 6.6 shortage, plastics processors and brand owners are facing challenges to keep the manufacturing supply chain moving. Tony Harrison (Director, Global TSAD), takes a look at the options which could be considered for drop-in solutions (existing tools / applications) or indeed, for new projects.

# People@ALBIS

04.07.2018   15:07

HSH Nordbank Run 2018: High Performance for a good cause

On June 23 the 17th HSH Nordbank run took place in HafenCity, Hamburg. ALBIS took part in this event for the 13th time.

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29.06.2018   15:06

Welcome to the ALBIS company blog!

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