Founded in 1991, WIPAG is a medium-sized company having production sites in Neuburg (Donau), and Gardelegen, both in Germany. The company has a strong focus on recovering and recycling of high quality plastic waste mostly coming from automotive. Since January 2018 WIPAG is a member of ALBIS Group.

With innovative ideas and new technologies developed WIPAG became a well-known, reliable partner for automotive in many years. WIPAG owns a highly sophisticated, promising CFRP technology and years of experience in  closed-loop recycling business.

Closed-loop describes a recycling technique such as the composite separation of instrument panels or the paint-removal from bumpers as part of an advanced materials recycling process, so-called "cradle-to-cradle" concepts. These high-end closed-loop processes provide an ideal opportunity for making compound products and production more eco-friendly. WIPAG receives high-quality recyclable PP from post-industrial and post-consumer sources.

During past years, WIPAG has developed a highly innovative new recycling technology, i.e.taking dry carbon fiber waste coming from composite lamination processes and converting it into carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds. Most of existing CFRP materials at WIPAG are based on polypropylene or polyamide and can offer besides outstanding mechanics a substantial lightweight potential given the low density of these products.



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