Ultramid® Structure

BASF offers long-glass fiber reinforced polyamides under the trade name Ultramid® Structure. As part of the Ultramid® range, this product group with its specific range of properties opens up new possibilities when it comes to metal replacement.


Ultramid® Structure is particularly suitable for applications in mechanical and automotive engineering, in construction, in power tools and household appliances, as well as in the leisure and sports sector, for example in:

  • Structural components demanding especially high levels of stiffness and toughness, in particular at elevated or low temperatures
  • Components that need to be durable
  • Fixing parts used outdoors
  • Energy absorption structures

Profile& Characteristics

All in all, the Ultramid® Structure grades are noted for having a particular range of properties compared to short-glass fiber reinforced plastics:
  • Very good mechanical properties particularly at higher temperatures
  • Significantly improved notched impact strength at room temperature and -30 °C
  • Very low creep tendency
  • Reduced shrinkage and warpage
  • Enhanced fatigue strength
  • Improved surface quality
  • High energy absorption under rapid application of force (crash performance)
  • Lower level of wear during processing and in the part (e.g. gear wheels)
  • More isotropic material behavior

Ap­pli­ca­tion& Ex­hibit


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Ultramid® Structure

  • Very high stability due to long glass fibres
  • Extreme high stiffness
  • For polyamide typical good chemical resistance