Makrolon® *

Manufacturers rely on Makrolon® polycarbonate's unique combinations of properties. It is extremely robust, lightweight with glass-like transparency and is impact resistant – even at extremely low temperatures. It has a high dimensional stability and is easily molded, yet has excellent heat resistance with a glass transition temperature of up to 148ºC.

*® = registered tademark of COVESTRO Group


Covestro offers a broad portfolio of Makrolon® polycarbonate resins. These include general purpose, lighting, medical and food contact, flame-retardant, impact-modified and glass-fiber reinforced grades. These grades can be used for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, in a range of markets including automotive and transportation, construction, electronics, medical, lighting and optical data storage.

Profile& Characteristics

  • High toughness
  • Good heat resistance
  • Glass-like transparency, optical quality
  • High dimensional accuracy and stability  
  • Good electrical properties
  • AMECA-approved grades available
  • Grades approved for food contact and medical applications available
  • Broad range of flame-retardant grades available
  • Grades available for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding


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