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Our broad and efficient network of production and storage facilities has the advantage of transparent global connectivity, i.e., each sales unit has access to all available inventories.
We use a system-supported forecast to ensure that the most important materials will be available where they are most relevant.


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Reliableorder management

Existing EDI connections with manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and (of course) customers help making our order management faster and more secure. We use automated availability checks to analyze and secure our delivery capabilities along the entire supply chain prior to confirming each individual order and thus make a significant and reliable contribution to the planning security of our customers.

Logisticsat its best

We cooperate with the market leaders in every country / at every location. So we have access to the densest, most reliable transportation networks—by land, air and sea. We continuously monitor a number of relevant service level agreements to make sure our service providers deliver top quality at all times.

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Besides conventional packaging like bags, big bags, octabins, and silos, we also offer special and/or additional packaging tailored to customer needs. We also offer a wide range of order types, allowing our customers to choose additional and flexible services as needed, such as guaranteed inventories, consignment storage, or VMI solutions.

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