Worldwide distribution and compounding of high performance polymers

Welcome toALBIS U.K.

ALBIS (U.K.) Ltd has been active as a leading distributor in the UK and Ireland since 1966.  

ALBIS (UK) is a market leading distributor of polymer raw materials. ALBIS represents many world class producers (Covestro, LanXess, BASF, Ineos Styrolution, Lyondell Basell, Solvay, Eastman and Mexichem) bringing their extensive range of engineering, commodity and speciality thermoplastics to the market. As market leaders, ALBIS continue to innovate with an extensive range of technically engineered compounds; custom developed solutions (e.g. metal replacement, carbon fibre filled); and ECO (green) compounds - all supported by a team of specialist engineers providing expert advice on material selection, application development and troubleshooting.

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Our extensive portfolio of own brand technical compounds, based on PA, PC, PP, ABS and other resins under the ALTECH, ALCOM, ALFATER, ALCOLOR brands are synonymous with quality consultation and technical support.  Individual modules can be combined to adjust specific properties to meet the needs of each customer requirement or application, thus allowing our clients to realize innovative solutions both technically and commercially.

ALBIS (UK) continues to innovate and is widely recognized for being the 'go to partner' for technical engineering polymer solutions to the plastic processing industry, with specific expertise within the Automotive, E&E, Healthcare and Packaging sectors.



ALBIS (U.K.) Limited
Parkgate Industrial Estate,  Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8XW
Tel: +44 15 65 75 57 77, Fax: +44 15 65 75 51 96
In Ireland: Tel: +3 53 1 2 87 10 01 · Fax: +3 53 1 2 87 37 64

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