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ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH is a world leader in the distribution and compounding of thermoplastics. In addition to supplying high-quality plastics from all world´s leading manufacturers and brands, we develop and manufacture our own, highly specialized technical plastics. We also provide our customers with valuable advice and support for the application and further processing of our products.

We are a global company, with eight manufacturing locations worldwide, as well as a total of 26 subsidiaries in many countries throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. Our values and philosophy, however, remain those of a traditional, medium- size, Hanseatic company. This combination enables us to be innovative and progressive.

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Our principle is customer service

Our customers appreciate our reliability and our comprehensive technical expertise, which covers every aspect of plastics manufacturing and processing. Our keen eye for market developments is another crucial advantage.

Our customers come first for us, which is why we are constantly expanding our portfolio. In addition to high-quality plastics by global manufacturing leaders, we also offer our own, specially developed compounds – tailor-made to fit the needs of a single component, a specific company, or an entire industry.

Our goal is to provide a complete supply of top-quality polymers, and we always work closely with our customers to identify ideal solutions. Our exceptional regional and international sales teams are the foundation of our entire business. Our aim is to grow and expand together with our customers.

We understand customer proximity in the literal sense

We can help you optimize entire components in terms of structure and design. Using comprehensive analyses such as FEM calculations and injection molding simulations, our technicians provide valuable ideas regarding how and where a component could be adjusted – for example, to reduce materials consumption while still fulfilling all specifications as effectively as possible. Naturally, our experts always strive to optimize production processes as well.

The products we develop provide solutions

Whenever our wide-ranging product portfolio doesn’t contain an optimum solution, we develop one. Working in close cooperation with our customers, we create tailor-made products that fit all specifications perfectly. To make sure that we can put our ideas into practice without difficulties, we pay special attention to developing products that can ultimately be manufactured on an industrial scale. The result? Unique product innovations, ready for immediate use.

Quality is top priority

Does the compound have the required characteristics? Is the recipe correct? Does the product comply with all tolerance values? We have the necessary labor capacities to provide answers to all of our customers’ questions. Our extensive inspection technology allows us to monitor the quality of our finished products at all times, and to develop a wide range of products that maintain the same high standards.

3 Reasons to choose ALBIS



We exclusively represent global leading manufacturers and brands as a reliable distributor of thermoplastics, depending on the polymer.



We offer technical support. Our goal is to provide a complete supply of top-quality polymers for our customers.



As a compounder, we produce highly specialized technical compounds for a wide range of different applications.


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