Code ofConduct

The OTTO KRAHN Group is a tradition-rich trading company whose subsidiaries include ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH and KRAHN CHEMIE GmbH. 

We have developed a common value system that is based on Hanseatic virtues like fairness, reliability and honor, and that draws upon the innovative power and international nature of our business. This system of values and principles provides all OTTO KRAHN Group employees with a model for their behavior when dealing with clients, business partners, colleagues and the public. We set very high standards of responsibility for our company and its employees, and we are committed to upholding our values as well as local laws and rules of conduct all over the world. 

Our code of conduct represents a binding summary of our behavioral standards. This code of conduct describes the OTTO KRAHN Group's values, and supports our employees at all locations and in all business units in applying these values and principles in the workplace. Read more about our responsibilities and values here:

Our Tax Policy describes the group´s approach with regard to all areas of taxation. You can read more about this approach here: