MOCOM has been developing and producing a very wide portfolio of highly specialized and customized compounds covering various markets for more than 50 years. These products are sold under our well-established brands Altech®, Altech® ECO, Alcom®, Tedur®, Alfater®, Alcolor®, Alperform®, Cellidor®.

Given today’s market diversity and increasing interest in customizing, MOCOM is well-positioned to meet our customers’ needs. We produce more than 10,000 products on 55 compounding lines at different sites with a total capacity of 200,000 MT/a. In addition we continually start and realize new developments in cooperation with our more than 13,000 customers. Hence, our product portfolio is diverse covering a broad range of high-tech compounds and tailor-made solutions based on e.g. PPS, PA-HT, PA, PC, PC-Blends, ABS, PP, TPV with special properties regarding temperature, mechanics, optics, conductivity, tribology, surface quality, a.o..

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