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Polymers play an increasingly influential role in enabling designers of modern buildings and infrastructure to realise their goals of improved insulation, design aesthetics and structural performance. 

From roof linings, drainage and insulation systems to the more aesthetic requirements of interior spaces and functional design, ALBIS offers an unrivalled portfolio of performance polymers which enable the realisation of new and innovative solutions in this globally important sector. 

Alongside our market-leading products from such famous names as LyondellBasell, INEOS Styrolution, Covestro, BASF and LANXESS, ALBIS also offers tailor made solutions from its well-known compound range. 

Add to this our understanding of the building and construction industry regulations and our know-how when it comes to designing for success in plastics, this is an ALBIS recipe which adds value across the supply chain. Building success for the customer!

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Product Datasheets - Polymers for your applications.

Applicationsand Exhibits

Selected building & construction-applications made from materials from our distribution- and our own portfolio.

Sanitary facilities - ALBIS PLASTIC

Sanitary facilities


  • Antibacterial Protection
  • Test Antibacterial properties according to ISO 22196
  • Different colours possible
Drain sieves for Kitchen sink - ALBIS PLASTIC

Drain sieves for kitchen sink


  • Chemical resistance against dish soaps
  • Dimensional stability - low moisture absorption
  • Strength-stiffness combination
  • Metallic colour effect matched to sink
Connection piece for sanitary - ALBIS PLASTIC

Connection piece for sanitary

PA 66

  • Low Warpage
  • Good functionality in combination with parts made POM 
  • Drinking water approved
Stadium Seat - ALBIS PLASTIC

Stadium Seat

PA 6

  • Very good UV- and weathering resistance
  • High impact strength at low temperatures
Measuring Insert - ALBIS PLASTIC

Measuring insert and housing for water meter

Styrolution® PS

  • Stiffness for measuring inserts
  • KTW (drinking water) approval
  • Good impact properties PS-impact modifies for housing
Flush-mounted Box - ALBIS PLASTIC

Flush-mounted Box


  • Very good mechanical property profile
  • Clip function during assembly
  • Glow wire 650°C
  • Sustainability by substitution of virgin material

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